Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy birthday to me

And so today it's my birthday. I turned 34. Wow. It seemed so far away turn 20 lol. Not much to say beside the fact that i wanted to send my most heartfelt thank you to all my friends abroad for remembering me in this day. Beside my immediate family you've been the only ones. I love you all, really. Here some pic from today.

This morning when i woke up the table was already beautifully set

Seba yesterday made and hung this decorations. The 'gingerbread men' say 'Happy birthday' ( buon compleanno ) filled with little hearts.

This was the beautiful present Seba did for me : knitting needles out of chinese sticks from the restaurant :) and the bag to carry them. He sewed it himeself.

These are Leo's presents, he asked me what i'd like to have and i said a new sewing machine, a dog and a one way plane ticket for Finland. He got me all of them. Lovely.

Then here the girly and homey presents Gaia chose for me along with papaF, a flower mug, a flower pitcher and a flower vase to keep my wooden spoons and forks.

I spent most of the day knitting, and i also got a little friend working along me ....

Eheheheheheh ! The more i age the crazier i become. The kids had a blast with this :)))))

And here my real presents. My four precious kids

And here all the family. I look a bit tired. Guess what ... I am. But this shall pass.
As i said at this moment i have a bright future behind me. But hopefully soon we'll have again a bright future in front of us.
May this new year in my life and in the life of my family bring peace, joy, happiness and love.

P.S. I've been asked in a comment ( please please forgive me, i published the comment but didn't pay attention on which post it was, so i can't find your name ) where i found Steiner curriculum for homeschooling. I found something on this site but i wanted to point out that our general homeschooling doesn't follow a Steiner curriculum, mostly i take ideas that best suit my children, either Steiner, Montessori or just traditional stuff.



Pom Pom said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday, dear Flavia! YOU are so beautiful sitting at the table with your gorgeous children all around! YOU DO have a bright and joyful future ahead! YOU are one of the true ones. If I lived by you I would come over and bring you a pink cake!

MamaF said...

Thank you so much dear friend !

Sybille said...

Tanti auguri Flavia, alles Gute!!!
Davvero bellissimi i regali che hai ricevuto.
un abbraccio

Massimiliano said...

Ciao Falvia, ieri sera ho provato a chiamare e anche stamattina ma risulta sempre occupato e il cellulare sempre staccato.
Io e Morena volevamo farti gli auguri.
Tanti tanti auguri!
a presto!

MamaF said...

Grazie Sybille !
Massimo hai ragione siamo pessimi col telefono ... Vi ringrazio tanto :) E no, non glieli tagliamo i capelli, forse li scorceremo un pò in futuro... ma forse eh :)))))))mica è detto :)