Friday, January 29, 2010

Good things ....

Good things happen, yes they do. And they make you realize that they're happening at the right time under every aspect. They happen and they bring with them the reminder that sometime we simply can't understand why things are happening in a certain way and at a certain time, but still we should have enough faith to know in our heart that everything will turn out good, and not only for ourselves. In the hard times i'm so focused on my troubles that i don't realize that whatever i am living can touch in a way or another, the life of so many other people, so maybe ( or probably ) what is happening has to be good not only for me\us. I know it doesn't make much sense, but i'm not ready to tell more yet  :) but i will, in a while.
Just the day before this something happened, while i was drifting away in a river of sorrow i bumped in something wonderful to which i clinged with all my heart, to find out the very next morning that a true miracle had happened just while i was writing down on my visual journal this sweet treasure.

We have all been a little numb all the rest of the week. I think it takes a while to close a very long and hard season of our life. Then Seba has also been sick for a couple of days, so we're taking it not really easy, but very relaxed, doing very few and doing it calmly, trying to do whatever we enjoy the most.

PapaF busied himself with a new Juke-Box

While i finished this little granny squares blanket, that ended up to be a little comforter for little sick Seba ( it seems that it has the magical ability to give sweet dreams ! )

I hope everybody had a good week, please if you have sometime leave me a little comment, i'd love it !


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Pom Pom said...

Hi Flavia! Your little granny nap blanket is LOVELY! I'm sorry you have a sick little one. I'll pray for him! I always love your posts.