Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Here it is, year 2010. The year my dear oldest doughter will turn 10. It seemed so far away the very idea of this tiny little newborn girl to be ten, and the year 2010 so far away too, after celebrating the new millenium. But time sure flies isn't it ? Many thoughts cross my mind in this period. I know i am at a turning point. I feel lost, so often. I have to remind myself that the only thing i need is to follow straight that light that always shines in my heart, even when the outside darkness seems so bigger.

I hope that all of you, who read here silently, and all of you, dear friends, who i got to know thanks to this blogland of ours, and all of you, far away friends reading our adventures to stay in touch with us, will have such a good, peaceful and happy year. With all my heart.

Christmas Eve. Our nativity. I loved it this year :)

Christmas morning, Santa's been here tonight !

On 29th dear uncle Massimo and aunt Morena came for dinner and brought some more presents :) here the youngest watching a movie with the brand new teddy bears

Melting lead for a little 'blacksmithing' experiment

And look, doesn't it looks like a miniature Statue of Liberty ? It was just a lead drop, but the shape is incredible, and we thought maybe it means finally next year we'll finally get out from the situation we're in for good. That would be great.

Warming up the stove for the last time in year 2009

( i admit i fell asleep on the sofa by ten. I've been woken up by the first fireworks blasting !)


Light warriors

May your light always shine my son.

Lead us to a new light, dear husband. We trust in you.

May your 2010 be filled with love,peace,happines.



MAQ said...

risplendete nel buio!
un augurio calorosissimo...

Pom Pom said...

Hello sweet Flavia! I love your post! I wrote about following the light, too! Kindred spirits think alike, I think!
The teddy bears are so dear! The sparklers look fun! YOU are such a good mother. YOU really are!

MamaF said...

MAQ tanti cari auguri anche a voi !

Pom Pom, you're always so so dear, i'm so happy we got to know each other !

Gae said...

Dear MamaF,
i just love your Christmas nativity. It is so homey and filled with the love of the Christ and lov eof family.
i pray that your new year does create the situation you want for your family.

I wonder how if you are able to tell how to melt the lead it looks like something our boys would love.