Tuesday, January 5, 2010


In the last couple of days so many things happened that brought such a big big happiness in this heart of mine.
Once again i've been proved i'm cared, and provided for, and loved and so do those I love .
Kids are kids and all i can say about them is that they're the truly gift of all my life. Even when they drive me crazy. Even when i'm worried sick they might get lost at some point ( and i don't mean 'phisically' lost - or at least not only ) in their life. Life with them is a neverending wonder and i am so grateful for the gift of their birth, for their life at my side, for being the witness and the friend and the mother and the teacher of these 4 human being. Thank you Lord !

Playing 'little house' in the living room

Leo's getting out from home lol

Milla and Tappo ( i love the way she is laughing ! )

And again Milla and Tappo in a more calm moment

Our beloved rabbit Tappo

And here Gaia, she is growing so fast. She is really a young woman now.

And Seba, he would probably need a haircut, but we never have the heart to :)

Leo is working with the laptop

And then yesterday we got news something potentially terrible happened in Finland, and this might have harmed pretty badly one of our dearest friend. A train went off rail at the Helsinki railway station and the train litterally 'jumped ' in our friend work place (give a look here ) . The article is wrong when it talks about a hotel, actually it didn't jump into the hotel. But well the main point being that nobody was in the office in that moment. We got the news from him and still the kids were horrified at the thought of what might have happened. Once again gratitude is the word that comes to my mind.

And then today, once again something wonderful happened to me. I got a beautiful and sweet Christmas card from a dear blog friend Pom Pom. She is so caring and sweet, and she has been such a Godsend in a moment of my life in which i deeply need someone so caring and inspiring, able to spread love and happiness as she can do so easily. Dear friend thank you so much.

Here this year's Christmas cardsin display. A cherished tresure to keep forever.

And then tonight. Tomorrow in Italy we celebrate the Epiphany, to remember the visit the magi payed to baby Jesus. Tomorrow will put an end to Christmas. Decorations will be taken down the day after tomorrow and stored away. But tonight kids hang stockings that will be filled with sweets and candies during the night.
So kids went to bed earlier today, thrilled and excited and tomorrow morning they'll jump off bad at the beginning of the day to find out what's in their stockings. They even put one for the rabbit :)) lol

And from tomorrow we'll be back to 'normal' life. No more Christmas school. No more Christmas tree or wreath. But the love Christmas brought us will stay. The love that a sacred family of two thoused years ago showed us is neverending. The gift of peace and love Jesus gave us is the most precious one.
And you know what ... just a normal life with my family is so much that sometime i think i don't deserve such a luxury, but of course i will enjoy and cherish it with all my heart and soul :)

Glimpse of my normal lovely life.

Stay well my friends !

Shalom !


Pom Pom said...

Dearest Flavia,
Your post made me cry this morning. I love our connection across the ocean and I find such sweet warmth in your words and the pictures of your family. You are a mother called to cherish your dear children and they are thriving. Tappo is a blessed bunny - so much a part of the family.
You are so right - Christmas remains in our hearts. I shall think of those words today as I drive to school. Your granny squares are beautiful! I love them! I wish we could sit together and crochet! Thank you for reaching out and touching my pink heart today.

MamaF said...

Oh you're so sweet ! I wish we could sit together and crochet too.
But still, even if we're so distant, this friendship is so precious isn't it ?

Many many blessings !


A Joyful Chaos said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

MamaF said...

Thank you ! :)

Massimiliano said...

:) non glieli tagliare i capelli a Seba!!!!!