Monday, October 17, 2011

Homeschool Questionnaire

Sybille mi ha invitato a rispondere a questo questionario sull'homeschooling. Spero che le mie risposte possano essere di aiuto ad altri.

One Homeschooling Book You Have Enjoyed
'The nature connection' (not strictly an homeschooling book, but still the one that helped me the most )

One Resource You Wouldn’t Be Without:
Internet, as Sybille said. And the world outside :)

One Resource You Wish You Had Never Bought:
Math books and Italian books, the ones used in primary school. I did the mistake our first year of homeschooling. We hardly ever used them.

One Resource You Enjoyed Last Year:
Rosetta Stone

One Resource You Will Be Using Next Year:
Into the field ( again not strictly for homeschooling purposes )

One Resource You Would Like to Buy:
Montessori classroom package (unfortunately way too expensive for us, at least now )

One Resource You Wish Existed:
A nature centered curriculum for italian homeschoolers.

One Homeschool Catalogue You Enjoy Reading:
Kid Advance Montessori catalog

One Homeschooling Website You Use Regularly:
Homeschool Helper online

Tag Six Other Homeschoolers / Part Time Homeschoolers:
( I'm not sure I can find six ! )

La scuola dei genitori

mamma e mimma

The Italian Dyes

Spero che possa essere d'aiuto.
Shalom !

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Interessante! ciao!!