Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sewing day !

I'm very happy to say that this morning i could do a lot of things. Beside all the housechores for today and cooking a rather complicated meal for lunch i spent a couple of hours sewing intensively. Today i could finish 1 shirt for Gaia, 1 dress for Milla and a pair of trousers for Leo. With the bag i sewed yesterday evening this makes quite a lot of stuff done and i'm way happy and thanksful.
In the follwoing pics there are also Gaia's dress and Milla's shirt i sewed some days ago.

A birthday present i sewed yesterday

Milla's dress and shirt

Gaia's dress and shirt

Leo is happy of the new trousers ( he wanted to wear them right away ! Made my day !!)

I love sewing ! I'm so happy i could do all this !!!

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