Monday, March 9, 2009


As an unhappy only child i think that having the privilege to witness the precious relationship beetween my kids is something that strikes me deeply. There is a dull pain buried deep ( or not-so-deep ) inside this fatherless lonely only child that i am that still hurts and in a way watching them love each other, and fight each other, and play each other, beside making me happier then words can describe, someway put salt on my wounds since i can fully realize how much i have lost for choices someone else did for me. Anyways. Siblings ....

While Leo is playing with an old Game Boy ( the only kind of video game we have here is this game boy that me and PapaF bought around 15 years ago ... )Milla keeps caressing him and tickling him sweetly

Gaia plays horse with Milla

Family is the most precious thing ever. And in my family i include of course my closer and most dear friends.


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