Sunday, March 8, 2009

8 marzo 2009

Today is my mother's 68th birthday. She was born in the Women's day and always joked that the cebration has been put today to let the whole world celebrate her :)
As long as i don't get along at all with her ( unfortunately ) and she can't accept at all my ideas and my ways and my beliefs, still she is my mother and today still is for me mom's birthday.
In the afternoon we'll go to her place for a little celebration, i sewed for her a present, a bag for her grocery and a small purse. I was suppose to crochet something but the past week has been way hectic so i'll finish that project for another moment.

Happy Birthday Mom i wish we could be closer then we are i really do. But i can't change and you can't either. Let's put everything away for today and just have a beautiful day ....

Then there is another news, on friday, when Fabio was away in Florence to get another jukebox
( ) Leo lost his second tooth ! He was washing his hands and all of a sudden he rushed back ' Mom the time has come pull my tooth ! ' And boy was he right the tooth came out with no problem ! How could he know ! We have a long tradition of losing teeth during moving ( Gaia started it and usually Fabio misses the 'event' )and having the house on sell we hope to keep up with the tradition ....

On the homeschool front thursday we gave the principal of the elementary school another more detailed official request to take the kids off from school. She is so surprised, as i said before in Italy there is only a handful of families homeschooling and is an unheard practice that most of people think it's even illegal ( but it is not ) and i really believe she doesn't know how to menage this situation. Anyways we gave her some more time and already set another meeting on 31 march, so in case we might take them off after Easter holidays. Please keep us in your prayer and thoughts for this new path we are just about to begin, i'm so excited and scared at the same time, but so willing to begin and keep my children close to me in their learning and growing and to pass them other then knowledge an whole way of thinking, living and mostly believing.

'The education of children is a creative task, more like art then science' (Bruno Bettelheim)

'School is that exile where adults keep the children until they can live in adults' world without bothering them' ( Maria Montessori )

Have an amazing new week !


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