Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Working wood

Oh my what busy days. All the kids took turns being sick with streptococcus, first Milla 2 weeks ago, still recovering. Then 2 days later Seba, then 2 days after Seba Milla got sick again and 2 days after her it's been Leo's turn. Then yesterday evening Gaia had headache and i checked her temperature to find out it was almost 40°C ! It was around 4 years that Gaia doesn't get any kind of illness and to see her lay in bed all day long half asleep has been really hard. Hopefully she'll be fine for her birthday next week.
Of course these day i don't have any time to get pics of our everyday life, but i found a folder named 'working wood' with some very nice pics of the kids.
The love of handmaking and homemaking is one of the things that i want absolutely to pass them, so i'm especially proud when they already show some kind of attitude in that direction.

Leo needed a shelf for his working tools and Seba and Milla helped him. The reward ? Playing of course ;)

Gaia and Seba cutting wood for the stove. All the kids take very seriously looking for and cutting the wood and keeping the fire on. It amazing how much they can learn just from everyday life, just letting them following us and participate fully to the family life. That's why i'm so thrilled at the idea of homeschooling them :)

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