Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flower Girl

My sweet doughter Gaia is having serious issues in school. We don't have videogames or digi-tv actually we don't watch tv at all, we live a very frugal life because we love it this way, we think it's the right thing to do under so many aspect but of course this can cause some problem for the kids, their classmates have fun of them for their homemade bread, homemade cake, homemade clothes and so on and especially Gaia is very lonely and left alone from the kids in her class. While we're doing our best to homeschool them as soon as possible in the meantime we're trying to show her that socialization is not something that happens only in school or with someone her same age, we encourage her to fully live friendships with older persons or younger kids. In this light when she told us she would have loved to spend sometime in the flower shop of her dear aunt M of course we agreed right away. So last saturday Gaia spent the whole evening with her aunt helping her and learning everything she could about the art of flower caring. We met the two of them later on in the karaoke place and Gaia had two roses and a small vase of hyacinth she prepared for me. She had great time and is waiting for next week to go again in the flower shop ( this saturday we're busy .... we'll visit a country house on sell ... you may never know ... ).


The beautiful roses. I especially like the close up,the beauty and the perfection of the rose is simply amazing

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