Saturday, August 29, 2009

Butter-making fun

As promised, some pics of a butter-making session :)
I thought that i can buy 250gr a week of milk cream and make butter for the week instead of buying it, we don't use a lot of butter, so that amount it's enough to butter bread, season pasta or cook something special. It's not to save money. It's not because it's healthier ( milk-cream is anyways store-bought, we don't have cows to milk or know anybody owing cows for fresh cream ). It's because i love making it with my hands. It's because i want to teach the kids something more, and different. It's because i want to set an example for my kids, that a more simple and plain life is possible, everywhere in everytime if you're ready to listen the call in your heart. But well, talked too much as usual. Here the pics :)

Have a blessed Sunday !

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fra said...

mmmm sembra buonissimo!!!