Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hello all ! I'm sorry i have no evidence so far of what i'm gonna write about but i'll try to fullfill this 'gap' as soon as possible. Saturday i gave it a try on making butter. This is something totally new to me, even more then growing a garden :) but my little farmer Leo is so interested in everything made 'old ways' it gives me one more reason to learn about a more simple life back to our roots. So with the lovely help of the West ladies saturday morning i sat on my almost-rocking-chair shaking this jar filled with milk cream ( i bought the one usually used to make whipped cream ). And i've been shaking and shaking and shaking for half an hour when i realized something was different, i gave the jar a look and what do i see ? A 'ball' of yellowish butter ! I coudn't believe my eyes ! I went running to the kids showing them the just made home made butter and we all got really really excited laughing about it.
Then of course we had to try it... excellent ! You can't really compare with the store bought one ! It's so creamy, with this delicate milk taste, wonderful, and with the buttermilk i could finally try one more Amish recipe 'Buttermilk cookies' : GREAT!!!
I know i know i get over excited with this little things, but sure they make me feel so so loved. I realized if i just let my heart and spirit lead me i find out i've been given all the right skills to live in this world. I only needed to give up all the 'ideas' about how i should or should not live in order to be a modern and liberated woman and follow my heart and listen to my children to find a real treasure God gave us, the world around us, the nature, the work of our hands. Next time i promise i'll take pics of our buttermaking session !

Have a blessed and lovely week you all !


Sybille said...

Fortissimo il burro fatto in casa, complimenti! Ci si avvicina all'autarchia pian piano...

MamaF said...

Non riuscivo a crederci sai quando ho visto veramente il burro venire fuori dalla panna! Mi rendo conto che abbiamo un 'potere' (perdonami la parola non ne trovo una più appropriata ) o forse ecco un potenziale grandissimo, possiamo coltivare, conservare ciò che coltiviamo, possiamo cucire e possiamo passare le cose che conosciamo ai nostri figli, ma abbiamo 'abdicato' per così dire. Demandato per così tanto tempo che ci siamo convinti che da soli non riusciremmo mai, che è *impossibile*. Ogni volta che invece mi rendo conto nella realtà che *un'altra via E' possibile* mi emoziono :)