Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back home !

So here we are. We came back yesterday, but only now i can find sometime to come here.Our little holiday went well, we had fun, had some life lesson, we visited nice places and in general enjoyed our family in a more friendly environment. Coming back was hard becasue this is really a place we don't belong. I was happy to get back at my houseworks and garden and everyday life, that i really love, but so so upset to be here in this place again. I so so hope my preyers will become true at some point and we will sell here, but still i realize that this time of wait is fruitful anyways, we are learning so much and putting all our life in the right perspective and our priorities as well. I feel like now i have a more clear vision of the right path to walk for our family, a vision i didn't have only few months ago so i have faith everything will happen at the right moment for us. Today i had a new kind of feeling. I felt as a whole. I could put together all the different sides of my being and enjoyed the feeling of living the life i wanted, made of so many different colours and shadows. I hope to have this feeling more often. As for the last ten days i have some pics to show,hope you'll enjoy. Now we're moving a bit things around at home to start the homeschooling adventure. It's so so great, i've always felt so bad when the kids had to go back to school, and now finally this won't happen. Thank you God.
I wish you all happiness and faith and joy in your life.

In the woods, walks, slides, making friends ( four legged and two legged, but i won't post the pics of the 'two legged ones' since i didn't ask permission to their parents ) finding interesting and huge worms, building 'loghomes'

He was looking as an angel isn't it ?

Learning how to start a campfire and cooking meat over it

More woods

Bagni S. Filippo, natural thermal water coming out from the rocks in the woods. Kids had so much fun here. And it was so ... weird... this is one of the first places me and PapaF visited as a young couple with no kids(yet) and now we went there as parents of 4 kids old enough to fully enjoy the place. Time goes by, but i'm so grateful for all i had in my life.

In the medieval Castle of Piancastagnaio, and the view from it. The last one is the Radicofani tower. That day we were meant to go there, but since Milla was recovering and Seba had just started fever himeself we opted for a closer place.

p.s. health problems are slowing getting better even if not solved yet. Milla Seba and me caught some kid of flu\cold during our stay in Tuscany but it seems it was just a 'regular' flu\cold and i hope we'll all get rid of it without more medicines.
p.s.2 Kitchen garden is quite ok. A bit wilder then i left it, but we got 5 more kilos of tomatoes ( now sauce) and plenty of eggplants, greenbeans, salad, pepperoni, basils and other herbs. Thank you God!

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