Friday, August 28, 2009

Che giorno è

This morning i decided to make some more structured activity for the kids. Inspired from a finnish magazine i made them realize small posters about the day of the week, the month, the season and the weather. They had to watercolour, cut, glue, write and tell out loud, Gaia had to do the last two in Finnish since we decided for a second language for her to study. Once they all finished they could use watercolours for a free drawing while i was reading them the first Harry Potter (this will be the first book we'll read this school year ) ponting out difficult words and such. When we finished i went upstairs to fix lunch only to find out it was ALMOST 3:00 PM !!!!!! We worked for hours without noticing, i couldn't believe it !
Well, after lunch we headed back downstairs and kids started writing with my inks and nibs and had some fun again. Then as every friday, we have a special family night. The kids take turns in hosting the 'soireè' choosing the dinner ( usually fried junk food - just for on night and i take care of cooking it of course ). Today for example was Seba's day. He chose a movie, had to clean the living room, set the table in a 'fast-food' kind of way, and then serve the others. Everybody else usually take some coins and 'pay' for the dinner. I was quite pleased of this added bonus Gaia and Seba planned for tonight. We hardly ever buy fruit juices now, but in the last weeks the two of them menaged to have me buy 4 small bottles. Well befor starting cooking the dinner they asked for our centrifuge, and with my help they made fruit juice ( apple, peach,pear) and poured it in the bottles pretending they had store-bought juices, so each of them could also ask a 'soft drink' with the dinner :) i'm so proud of them :))
Anyways the day was good and i look forward tomorrow, to read a bit more, watercolour and use inks :) Some pics from today and my best wish for a lovely weekend with your loved ones !
May God bless you all.

The four posters together

Leo's one, just to see the details

Gaia's one in Finnish language

Seba and his dinner, ready to serve us

My chair ( for Mom )

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