Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Homeschooling : points of view

I spent the morning and the early afternoon organizing our 'homeschool closet'. I put all the books and tools and odd stuff i plan\hope\want to use during this school year in there and i'm quite satisfied with it. Even if homeschooling might be a short adventure of one year or two ( depending where we're gonna move kids might gonna go back in school at some point ) i'm sure we'll enjoy it at the fullest and i want to keep all the 'fun' stuff stored and organized that way from now on :)
Then in the evening while we were outside, some of us cleaning the kitchen garden and some of us (me !) planting in the small vases the winter vegetables, we run into two more homeschool science tools :))))) a beehive ( we have plenty plenty of them, it can get even a bit dangerous at time ) and our faithful grasshopper, the little thing as been living in our garden for around a week now and we kinda enjoy its presence ( even tho i think i'd might faint if the little fellow would jump on me .... ) ....
Have a wonderful and blessed rest of the week you all lovely people ! And don't forget to drop a little note if you feel like !


fra said...

che bello!
tutto quello che c'è al mondo è educativo!
che bella avventura che state iniziando, invidio un pò il tuo coraggio, io non credo che ce la farei!

Sybille said...

A proposito, proprio oggi sono "inciampata" in un post bellissimo sull'homeschooling di Rebecca:
- for a simple year of homeschooling.

MamaF said...

@Fra : certo che ce la faresti :)
@Sybille : bellissimo post, ed il link sulla matematica (per generare 'fogli di lavoro' ) mi sarà utilissimo, come si sono messe le cose con la (ex)scuola dei bambini mi fa piacere avere dei documenti più classici da mostrare. Grazie !