Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today we had planned to go to Ikea. Well we went out at 11:00 and after 10 minutes drive we already found ourselves stuck in the traffic. We assumed there should be a car incident somewhere, and after 40 minutes and maybe 1 km furhter here there was the crash. Incredibly our mood was still good and high, it helped a lot that the road goes near this field and there were several people horseback riding wildly and we watched them in amazent. After the crash we only took 20 minutes to arrive the store, but once inside we realized it was very crowded. We took the number at the kids-area, number 54 and they were at 22. Still our mood was ok, we kept the number and headed for the restaurant. There was a long queue, but right in that moment they opened another line and we were the second family there. We ate, went to the toilet and calmly went back checking the number in case we got luck, but expecting to need another number....instead ... TA-DAAAA they were at number 53 ! And called us 2 minutes later, so the kids had their fun and we could have one hour of uninterrupted conversation.
Well this was something we really needed. I pointed to papaF that everything happened at the right time. And since we are in a situation in our life in which we can only wait and see i told him i am sure also in our *general* life everything will happen at the right time. I've never been a person of faith, instead i find myself now witnessing how SomeOne is really and continuosly taking care of us and our needs not when we shoertmindedly would want things to happen, but when it's the right moment for them to happen . Thank God.

Il fico non germoglia più,
le vigne non danno più uva,
gli ulivi non producono niente.
I campi non forniscono raccolto,
le greggi scompaiono dai recinti,
i buoi dalle stalle.
Ma io trovo la mia gioia nel Signore,
sono felice perché Dio è il mio salvatore.
Dio, il Signore, è la mia forza,
egli rende i miei piedi agili
come quelli delle cerve,
mi fa camminare sulle vette dei monti.
(dal libro di Abacuc)

Maybe i'm getting more naive instead of wiser. Maybe i'm just giving up the idea that we're made only of this world and for this world. Anyways i find peace thinking that i'm in good Hands instead of thinking everything is going down the drain.

To end this a pic of the kids when we got back home, Gaia wanted to share with her brothers and sister the little something she got from our trip today : the smallest, cutest tea set for dolls made in real pottery :

Have a lovely life dear people out there !

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