Sunday, August 9, 2009

Update and bye bye for a while

Oh my, how busy i've been this week. Visit to the doctor, grocery shopping, dentist for Seba - in a hurry of course - and canning canning and more canning, sewing a new shirt for Gaia, trying to recover and .... GETTING READY TO LEAVE FOR TUSCANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Abbadia San Salvatore and we're staying for 10 days !!! We'll be back on 19th and i know i'll have so much to read from the lovely blogs i follow to be updated on everybody. If in the meantime you feel like leaving some notes i'd love to read them when i'm back :)
But back to the update part. It seems that i'm slowing recovering from this nasty nasty infection i got that gave me all kind of breathing problems, very very scary. I must say the fear i lived in for several days helped me to put my life in perspective again, think well to my priorities, grow in my faith, so probably some way it was what i needed, even if i hope and pray never to live this awful experience again.
As for the family, we're fine, some minor health problem for Seba, but nothing bad. I see we're getting in the homeschooling mood. The kids have started doing school work just for fun while i do my chores or cook. We're very relaxed about it at the moment, first of all i want that they start loving school ( meaning *learning* ) again. And then i must say that now i trust that everything will turn out just fine. I just know this is the right thing to do now and i only want to enjoy it now. I don't know how long it will last, depending on the path our lives will take, but NOW i know is the thing for us. As it's beautifully said in the documentary A Journey Home what we need right now is to go back home, united as a family .
And then one of my pride and joy, my garden. We're having a bountiful harvest this year thank God. I think i've already canned ( beside what we've eaten daily ) some 6 or 7 kg of tomato sauce, maybe 4 or 5 kg of eggplants, almost one kilo of pesto sauce and 4 or 5 kilos of cucumber and half kilo of greenbeans beside many herbs drying. I'm so so grateful and amazed by all this. Working the land is so beautiful i so hope this will be my future or at least a part of it. I know i'll be worried for my garden the 10 days we're gone, but we should have taken care of everything and we'll find more ripe vegetables once we'll be back.
But now let's do the images do the talking, some pics of the last week.

Our wonderful harvest, of vegetables and herbs. I can't help but feeling so grateful and provided for. Is such a warm feeling.

Some outdoor fun with water filled baloons.

Gaia and Seba wanted to clean our *pantry* (not really, just that white cabinet in which we keep our supplies ). This is just a part of the canned goods we have.

And this is just i little treat i bought ouselves when i last went doing grocery shopping. Here we use corn only as flour and it's kinda hard to find it in its natural state. So when i found corncob (? is this the right word ? ) at 69 cent i bought 2 . Kids found them so fun and nice :)

Well i think this is all. As i said we're leaving tomorrow morning and we won't have any internet over there on the mountain, so see you all ( or better read you all ;) ) in 10 days !

Have a lovely summer everybody, enjoy your family, hug your kids and kiss their heads and don't forget your dear spouse :)


fra said...

Buona vacanza allora!!!
ps: ho iniziato un blog aperto, se hai voglia di seguirlo...

Anonymous said...

Ciao mamaF, è da un pò che leggo ogni tanto qualche tuo post.
Amo molto la vita semplice e pura, e spero un giorno di avere anch'io una piccola casa con un pò di terra da coltivare e per i miei fiori, amo molto la natura e la rispetto totalmente.
Ho letto che questo è un periodo un pò così così per te, spero per te che tu stia meglio presto e fatti forza soprattutto per i tuoi bimbi!
Il prossimo mese mi sposerò e per me si aprirà un nuovo capitolo di vita!
Auguro a te una buona estate.
Questo è il mio blog ancora piccino...come vedrai amo molto cucinare e sono molto creativa...
un caro saluto Annalisa ^_^