Friday, July 23, 2010

Memories - Tractors exibition Hyvinka

When we went to the steam train museum we've been told on july 17 there would have been an old tractors and cars exibition. So on saturday we woke up early, thrilled for this new adventure. And again we had a lot of fun.

The first car we saw, so small Milla could drive it

It had a front door and sweet 'eyes' lol

Showing their tickets .....

For this miniature but perfectly functioning steam train !!!!!
Lovely and amazing !

We had so much fun Mom !!!!

This was the other miniature train, an electrical one.

Seba was complaining because he wanted a snack. Right away ! :)

This one was one of our favourites

One more ride before leaving

Tractors parade

This was such fun to watch

The little one :) I would have loved to see the driving getting inside.

We so much loved this one and started dreaming someday to have something similar too.
The family was dressed in oldfashoned clothes, mother barefoot, with a long skirt, plain shirt and apron, and he wore boots, suspenders and a plain shirt. Actually i was dressed a lot like her :)
Who knows ...
I have faith.

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