Monday, March 15, 2010

Unbuilding days

In 5 weeks our belongings will be packed in a truck that will go all the way through Europe to our new destination. Our days are devoted in packing, boxing, unbuilding and throwing away.
Today papaF started unbuilding the wooden shelter he built himeself last year to store his stuff and work during the summer. We're using the wood in our woodstove so nothing get wasted. Then we asked our neighbour if he could borrow us his ''car cart'' ( i don't have a clue which is the real name of it ) to take all the big stuff at the recycling centre. He agreed very kindly ( he'll have to go with papaF in his car since we don't have the licence or the proper equipment to pull that 'cart' ) so tomorrow a great deal of our stuff will go away. For the first time i'm only very very excited to move, to change, to get rid of all the useless stuff. I have no regret in going away. And I have faith. I know this will be such a beautiful season of our life and can't wait to see what the future will bring to us..

Unbuilding the garden cabinet. Seba is checking for spiders.

Unbuilding the wooden shelter.

Filling the cart.

While we pack the kids have fun working with the fire wood. Here they made a smiling face using screws

And more wood to work with ....

Well i can say that after homeschooling, i'm finally experiencing also unschooling. How blessed i am to have the chance to at least give it a try to all my motherly dreams. I have to keep in mind all this in hard times, when it seems that 'everything is against me' while it is not.

Have a wonderful week lovely friends and random visitors :)



Pom Pom said...

Oh, you are SO busy and industrious! I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to follow your move and your settling into your new home.

MamaF said...

You're always so dear !