Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's go for a walk

Hello all. We're overly busy here. We'll leave in 19 days. Just today, with the help of my blog-soon-face-to-face-friend Sybille I have finished all the reservations in all the different cities of our journey. So far : Florence,Bolzano,Neurmberg (?sp),Jena,Berlino,Rostock,Travemunde ... wow ... Can't wait to hit the road, can't wait to ship for Helsinki and arrive there, can wait to see what the future hold for us ! It's so exciting !

Yesterday my blog friend Michela gave me this blog award

She has been so sweet, unfortunately at the moment i don't have the time to fullfill all my duties, but i will list 10 things that makes me happy :

1 God always loves me and protects me
2 I have a wonderful family
3 I love my children
4 We're all healthy
5 We have so much fun together
6 We have a lovely rabbit : Tappo
7 Reading makes me happy
8 Crocheting makes me happy
9 Knitting makes me happy
10 So many things makes me happy that I really can't write the last thing :) ! I'm so very blessed !!!!

I promise I'll try to pass this award as soon as possible, but can you believe I don't have time to think\chose\link\message my dear friends !

Well a fast update about us beside the get-ready stuff. Today we have taken Tappo having a walk in the garden with his brand new leash ! We bought the leash to allow him some free time during the journey, He is not used to stay closed in a cage for long, he's often free at home, so we thought to train him with a small leash to take him for short walks with no risk. Tomorrow we're also taking him to the vet for a check-up, we're not sure if we need any document for him, so we better have a vet state that he is in good health.
Here some pic of our walk


Seba,Gaia and Tappo

Yummi grass

Beautiful !!

His little white tail is so funny

Smelling daisies

Gaia and Tappo '' who are you ? ''

To finish, here a pic Milla asked me to take:

Gaia chose the outfit for her, and she even let me comb her hair in two pigtails. She was lovely ... and she knew it ! And asked me to take a pic :)))

Well better go, so much to do.

Have a blessed week, stay well and stay happy and try not to worry for tomorrow, something beautiful is going to happen, i'm sure :)



Pom Pom said...

Tappo is so beautiful! I love the new leash! I'll pray for you as you prepare to depart! (BIG HUG!)

MamaF said...

Pom Pom Tappo is just a lovely creature, i hope he won't be too scared to the vet this afternoon.
Your prayers are so appreciated dear friend !
Have a blessed day !

Sybille said...

:) Credo che quando avete annunciato nella prenotazione degli Hotels che ci sará anche un coniglio, avranno pensato ad uno scherzo di Pasqua...
Tappo é davvero dolcissimo. Mi raccomando durante il viaggio fateci avere sue notizie!
A presto

MamaF said...

Hai ragione Sybille :))) Ci nasconderanno le uova di Pasqua in giro per la stanza heheheh