Thursday, March 4, 2010

I didn't fell off the earth ....

.... but i'm half buried in boxes .... It's not easy to organize an international move, especially when you still don't have a place to go. It seems it got so much more difficult then three years ago... We'll see what this season of our life has for us. In a way it's pretty exciting not knowing what will come next. I gave up feeling in power to chose everything and anything and i've learned quite well to let the flow lead me where i'm supposed to go. The journey is much less worrisome and more enjoyable then try to resist and waste my energies only in order to go in the direction i have in mind. Hopefully another post and some pic will follow soon :)

Hope all is well with my friends around the world. Please if you feel leave a little note, i love read them !

Have a good life !


Sybille said...

Io, se dovessi traslocare in questo momento e poi cosí lontano, credo che impazzirei :))
Ti auguro tanta calma, pazienza e entusiasmo per questa avventura.
Un abbraccio a voi tutti!

Sarah said...


I find another home educating parent in Italy and then not a week later she goes and starts talking about leaving the country !!!!!

Noooooooooooooooooo !!

Well good luck with the packing, cos I know it isn't fun and I hope wherever you find yourself brings you smiles, excitement and a sense of belonging.

Sarah in Lomellina

mamma e mimma said...

Ciao Flavia,posso immaginare il caos per il trasloco!fai bene a vivere questo momento così come viene.Anche se sei tanto inpegnata cerca di aggiornarci su quello che vi succede e che fate,ci piace tanto vedere la tua bella famiglia!il bello dei blog è che nonostante la lontananza possiamo sempre comunicare.Un forte abbraccio.

MamaF said...

Grazie, thanks !

C'è un clima di semi follia in casa, ma fortunatamente stiamo sopravvivendo !

We're going slightly mad in the household, but we're surviving :)

Pom Pom said...

Hi sweet Flavia! Should I wait to mail the tea set pattern? Should I mail it right away so you can get it before you move?

MamaF said...

Pom Pom we'll be here for a couple of months ( more or less ), so if you send it right away i should get it. Usually mail takes 2 or 3 weeks from USA.
Anyways as soon as i have any idea about where we're going ( it's kinda exciting not knowing what to expect next ) i'll give you my new address :).

MAQ said...

stagione di nuovi inizi, dunque!
in bocca al lupo e n rande abbraccio
Maria Angela