Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bird feeder and skates

Another beautiful spring day. Sun's been shining, sky's been blue and kids have played outside all day long. Ok actually they didn't play. They were at work. Called for me after a while to show me what they did: a bird feeder. My boys did it all by themselves. My big girl can knit and bake, my little one has learned how to read and write and my boys can build a lot of nice and useful things. How can that be they're so good ?
Here some pics of the feeder

There's room for seeds, water, hay for nests and wood to rest for a while. It's beautiful !

After working they spent sometime skating. The skates are just odd stuff they found in the basement while packing our stuff, so they don't properly fit them, but they don't really care and just have the plain old dear fun kids can have with whatever they find.
So they called us again for this 'exhibition'




The three of them.
( Milla was indoor playing since there are only three pairs of skates )

Never a dull moment lol


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Pom Pom said...

Looks like they are having great fun! Isn't it so great to be outside?