Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pics !!!!!!!!!

Finally I'm back with some pics ! I'm not used to post without 'em but sometimes it's the only way i can post ( at least as long as they don't invent a 48 hours day lol ).
First of all you see the new pic in the header ? It's the mimosa tree in our garden. My mother in law gave us the little tree a couple of years ago and the small thing was something like 50cm from the ground. Now is nearly 3 metres !! And in full bloom, It's so so beautiful, one of the few things i'm sorry to leave.
But let me give some little visual update about us. No i won't show boxed or talk about the move, things are constatly changing and i can't wait to see what the future holds for us, It's a very exciting moment, but it can be a little scaring as well. I only have to keep in mind and heart to fully trust the One who is writing this book.

Let's start from pizza night, here Gaia and Seba helping out ( Seba is praparing the sauce and Gaia is cutting mozzarella )

And here another family night, Gaia and Seba prepared the plum-cakes. I'm so proud, Gaia can make the cakes complitely by herself and now she can also direct brothers and sister to help her. She even put the cake in the oven and take it out and check with the toothpick if it's ready.
And the cakes were delicious ! We littlerally had to fight to have a slice lol.
I'm so so so proud ! Can you tell ?

And here our latest homeschooling passion, laminated worksheets ! The kids love it. They are all homemade. I even laminated a normal writing sheet ( squared one ) and they don't whine if they have to do math or write since they can use it. I'm planning to have more and more laminated things, it saves paper, they can be used again and again, and the kids love it !

And finally one of my (several ) work in progress, that finally today have 'progressed' a lot :)

DOLLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One for each kid and the little one for me !!!! As you see it's two boys and two girls, but Milla wanted a boy and Seba wanted a girl.

Here we have firefighter Gianmarco, Leo's doll. He loved it and kept hugging me for this doll,it's been so sweet.

And here Gianmarco and his friend, still no name for her, Gaia's doll.

And here the 'proud parents'

Gaia is also holding her Prairie Doll ( at the end of the page )

And here ....

.... Gaia and Seba's present, isn't it beautiful ? They picked the flowers in the garden. They're so joyfull.

The new season is arriving, for the world and for our family. Something new. Something full of life. Something that will take us wherever is good for us. I can't wait to live this new season.

Have a good Sunday, dear ones, and thank you so much for commenting my last post. It makes me feel better to know that someway someone is sharing with us all the changes happening .


Sarah said...

Are you using the sticky paper on a roll or have you got a laminating machine ?

I make lots of card games (the cards are examples of passato remorto, passato prossimo etc ..that sort of thing. It is the only way I have found to get him to enjoy grammar analysis, he loves it because he beats me at the game every time). The roll of sticky paper means a lot of work and I waste so much of it, so I was thinking about investing in one of those machines, but I really want a recommendation first.

In italiano (tranlastion in parte di google, meglio di uno fatto solo da me LOL credimi)

Sta utilizzando la carta adesiva della cartolaria o hai una macchina di laminazione?

Faccio un sacco di giochi di carte (le carte sono esempi di remorto passato, passato prossimo, ecc .. questo genere di cose. E 'l'unico modo che ho trovato per fare mo figlio trovare piacere della analisi grammaticale, l'piace perché lui vincere ogni volta). Il rotolo di carta adesiva é un lavoroaccio e io spreccio tanto, così ho pensato di investire in una di quelle macchine, ma voglio aspettare una raccomandazione prima di comprare uno.

Sarah, British home educating mum in Italy.

mamma e mimma said...

Che dire Flavia, tua figlia è bravissima a far dolci e le tue bambole sono dolcissime!che bella famiglia che siete,per me sempre fonte di ispirazione...

MamaF said...

Michela grazie mille, sono contenta se ti facciamo passare qualche bel momento quando ci 'visiti' :)

Sarah, i have this laminating machine, we have found it at Lidl, very cheap, they don't always have it, but at least the one nearby has it every now and then. It is very fun, i wanted one for so long and i'm pretty satisfied of the purchase. Let alone the fact that the kids love working in this way !
Hope this help !

Sarah said...

thank you that s a big help !

I saw the machine in LIDL but was worried that because it was so cheap it wouldn't work.

Next time they offer it I will buy it !!

Where do you find the laminating supplies ? The pastic stuff that you use with the machine ? Is that from LIDL too ?

MamaF said...

For the supplies, some of them ( in 3 different size ) come with the machine itself. Usually we buy them where we buy the ink for our printer and they cost around 10\15 cents each, but the A4 size (the biggest one ), so you can use it for several things especially if you're laminating cards or small stuff.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Flavia! I love the dolls! They are wonderful! So happy!