Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little trip

Tomorrow morning we'll leave for Firenze ( Florence) to meet a friend of ours. We'll stay there until sunday. We're pretty excited, for many reasons in the last two years we hardly got out from home, while we were used to have this unexpected trips. Tomorrow here it's father's day, with the kids we made a nice little present, I can't wait to put it on the table tomorrow morning. No telling what it is, he might read ;).
What else. We had a lot of fun tonight with our neighbour, we're the 'bad kids on the block' lol. The children couldn't believe also adults misbihave. Pics next week, i forgot my camera upstairs and it's already way late.
Have a lovely weekend dear ones. We're gonna have :)


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Sybille said...

Wow, Firenze in primavera dev'essere bellissima! Insomma passate da un'emozione alla prossima!
un abbraccio