Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random update

As the time to leave this place gets closer, our days seems less and less structured, so update the blog is something that happens when, by pure chance like today, I succeede in getting dinner ready quite early, read a couple of stories, talk a bit and have the kids tucked in their beds by a decent hour Yeah !!!
So i thought, why don't you use some of this additional time to write a bit :)

Some days ago i heard Seba singing a lullaby downstairs. I went checking on him since i was so very curious, and i found him singing the lullaby to ... the rabbit !!! :) Tappo was enjoying it quite a bit :)

And here the four dolls dressed and finished. They love them and i'm so happy and proud :)

Milla cradles two of them in a hat :))))

March the 8th in our household is never thought as 'women's day' since it's my mother's birthday, she always jokes they made this 'women's day' to cebrate her birth indeed lol. This is the card the kids made for grandma ( yep, 4 of them, but grandma liked them )

Some close-ups of the flowers the kids picked in the garden last week. Don't you think all this yellow makes you want to smile so big :)

And here some outdoor wonders.
First one is a fennel (?) the only one i could grow in our vegetable garden, i tried every winter and every summer for the last 4 years to get fennels, and finally i could get one !!! It was so incredibly tasty, the smell was delicious and so strong you could sense it from all over the house !!
And the second one should be our cherry tree in blossom. Actually i'm not sure if it's cherries ( shame shame on me ! ) Since we bought the trees last year, but we lost the cards with the name of the tree and since we didn't get any fruit last summer, we have totally forgot which tree is what :)))
( actually we thought they were all dead, but instead they surpriesed us !! )

Well here our random update. I hope you enjoyed it lol.
We're packing as mad, but you know what ? We still can't find an apartment to rent in Helsinki !!! So in less then 5 weeks we're gonna move, but we're not sure where .
The good thing is that i've allowed myself to put all this in Higher Hands, so i can spend my days packing and enjoying the ride in this new season of our life.
Don't you love this ?

Have a wonderful happy joyful week dear friends !!!



Pom Pom said...

Hi Flavia! Helsinki? Wow! Well, I must send that pattern to you. I'm so hopeless at getting to the mailing store. Tappo is so beautiful. I'm glad you photographed your beloved pet! Are you excited?

MamaF said...

Tappo is such a lovely little pet, so funny to be around and so smart. The only downside is that he chews EVERYTHING the very moment you blink, including sofa and pillows lol, well I think they're memories too isn't it ?
We already lived in Helsinki for 6 months on 2007, we love Finland and we're very excited to go back :)