Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big boys room

At age 6 finally Leo and Seba outgrew their kid's beds ( actually baby beds without the 'fances' ! ). We found a really great deal in the nearest Ikea store and so saturday morning Papa F went getting all we needed, he said it seemed like everybody was there, but still he could buy everything and come back home to tell the tale :D
And since he is just a great husband and daddy after all he started immediately working in the room and by the night it was ready !!!!
The boys seem even smaller in their big beds but they're so excited and happy they've gone sleeping without a fuss since then !

The old Seba's bed

The old Leo's bed

Yeaaaah ! Seba's bed is ready !!!

And now also Leo's bed is ready !!!!

Seba pretending to sleep :D

Leo pretending to sleep with Milla sitting at his side :)

Seba is sleeping shhhh !

Leo is sleeping too ! ( the pic is so bright because i used a long exposure )

There's nothing more peaceful, and wonderfull then a child sleeping, trusting the world and his\her parents to keep him\her safe. Watch them grow, realize they now need the ''big beds'' it's a feeling wordes can't describe. The only thing that always comes to mind watching them is that we've been so so blessed.

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