Saturday, September 27, 2008

Insects and snails

The 'big thing' of this last summer has been the love and interest Leo and Milla showed for every kind of animal including all kind of insects. Personally i don't like insects AT ALL but of course i encouraged their love and interest in the little ones and their life and habits. The only golden rule is out in the garden followed by not in my house more then the few seconds to show me their newest pet

Following some random pic of their activities

Mini-snails on a lettuce leaf, they picked each and every one of those snails, it was an afternoon long affaire

The mini-snails on Leo's hand

Leo's butterfly

Leo's capturing ants for his ants house

Milla welcome a new friend, a Praying Mantis. I have to admit that even if i'm horrified at the idea of this insects coming near me, it is a really beautiful creature, and it was interestng it kinda became friends with Milla, jumping only on her hand for all day long but 'running away' if someone else was trying to catch it (NOT ME :D )

The Mantis climbing to Milla's shoulder to take a seat ;)

The beehive we found inside the swing set

Another snail on Leo's hand

Leo showing one of his caterpillars. The amazing thing is that he and Milla found several small caterpillars, put them in a box with sand and fresh vegetables each day and after some days they called me and the caterpillars were so much bigger ! At least 10 times longer. They've been really good taking care of them.
To end this parade the 'real' pets of this household, turtles and hamster. We have 2 turtles ( actually they were mine, i got them around 25 years ago ! ) and we had a Hamster but the little thing died back in august after 2 or 3 short months here with us.

Have a good weekend everybody !

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