Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday : cooking day

Yesterday i sure honoured the tradition of the cooking day. I started quite early in the morning preparing 2 chocolate pies and with the leftover dough some small jam pies ( the peach jam i homemade a while ago ). Seba has been asking for weeks a chocolate pie, but has long as it has been overly hot i prefered not to make it.
Then while all the pies were baking i prepared some dough to rise and let it grow until after lunch when it became cinnamon rolls, vanilla bisquits, peach jam krapfen. Then since i had some leftover vanilla frosting i simply put it over some cookies and let it set. My husband said we should open a bakery :) the smell of vanilla and cinnamon was all over the house and the yard :)
Here some pic...

Chocolate pies and jam pies

Is the dough raising ? ....

...Yes it is !! :)

On the left vanilla bisquits, on the right cinnamon rolls and krapfen

And with the vanilla frosting left, here the cookies

Here a pic of all i did. Please notice what's left of the first pie and small pies and the lack of frosted cookies :DDDDD

Mmmmm .... now i'm hungry, good thing is breakfast time :P

Have a blessed sunday !

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