Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday cooking day part 2 - pass on the legacy

So yesterday was saturday again, and again i made all the cooking for today and breakfast\snacks\bread for as long as they lasts.
In the early morning i even had 2 great helpers, Gaia and Seba. My sweet girl is now so good in the kitchen, she can find the recipe on the family kitchen book, take all the ingredients and scale and do almost everything by herself. I'm there as (proud :D ) supervisor and Seba was the 'chef - helper '.
Of course after a while they both headed out in the yard playing, but still the first plumcake was made by them. Here some pics of yesterday's cooking session :)

Gaia and Seba at work

Gaia mixing eggs and sugar

Seba pouring yogurt over the dry yeast ( usually we use homemade yogurt, but we menaged to make the last one go sour and needed the store-bought one, but they come in couple so ... )

Here the plumcake just out of the oven :)

Then after the kids went out, i made another cake ( as we call it 'white cake' meaning is just very simple, no filling no frosting very soft )

Then i had some pumpikin in the fridge and i thought to cook it, i made this one delicate, to mash and add to tomato sauce to make some past for dinner today. Kids are not big on veggies ( think i'm trying to become vegetarian instead ! ) and sometime i hide vegetables here and there .... shhhh ! ;)

And here some hot pumpikin for me to eat along some spiced and hot tofu ( i cook it with ginger and garlic )

And here some bread, i love the smell and taste of homemade bread, i have no bread machine so it's all handmade and for me it's such a relaxing activity

Here a 'meat casserole' ( meatloaf ? ) for lunch today, kids love it and also Papa F don't disdain it :D

Three batches of vanilla bisquits just waiting for the oven

The vanilla frosting left found its place over a slice of plumcake, it's still setting in the fridge

And the left sweet dough became 7 deep fried krapfen rolled in sugar :P

By 16:00 (4:00 pm ) everything was done and the oven will take at least 2 or 3 days of rest ( i'll only take today ;) )

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