Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Of kitchen garden, canned goods and full pantry

Hello all ,

i've spent the morning cleaning and organizing our pantry. This year beside growing our usual kitchen garden i've given a try to canning and making jams, and i'm kinda happy of the results.We have tomato sauce, pesto sauce, fruit salad and peaches, cucumbers, small artichokes and jam jam and more jam.

Here some pics i took during the summer

Chili peppers and Leo's onions

'My' onions in the garden


The beautiful purple flower of the eggplant

And later on the eggplant itself

Tomatoes !

Chili peppers drying

After the harvest, the winter garden is ready

And here some pic of the first try ever doing jam, we picked nearly 2 kilos of blackberries in a nearby field, then Gaia and I decided to give it try and now we're the 'jam' princesses :D

Gaia and our berries, isn't she lovely in her apron ?

Is it ready ? ..... yummmm

Done !!!!!!!

And here all my canned goods as they are displayed in our pantry

It makes me so happy just looking at it. I love it when with the only work of my hands and love from my heart i can provide to my family. I feel so priviledged.

Have a blessed day !

p.s. A special thanks to all the ladies that commented on the daybook, they made me feel so welcome.As for the crocheted curtain i'll show it as soon as it's ready :)

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