Saturday, September 13, 2008

Introducing the apples

Here my sweet Miss Gaia, as i always tell her she is my first born, so the first ever newborn i've hold in my arms, and the best joke ever of April's fool day ( yep ! She was born on 1 april ).

She is smart and fun and loving, she can take care of her younger siblings, love them so much, and she is learning along with her formal education, all the 'lost homemaking arts' i'm trying to pass her, i'm so proud to be her mother

Here my twin boys the day of their sixth birthday, on the left Sebastiano and on the right Leonardo.

Seba has a super fast mind, already asking deep questions about life and showing a great irony and humor at the same time.

Leo is my little 'Peter Pan' he really doesn't want to grow, he is super active, always storming around playing but at the same time able to slow and stop in front of a butterfly or a row of ants.

Here my youngest tresure, Miss Milla aka the smiling flowergirl. She is 4, loves her brothers and sister dearly and follows them wherever they go. She is Leo's Buddy plaing in the sand and mud and water and the sunshine of my days.

Here the four of them. From left Leo, Gaia,Seba,Milla playing in the yeard during a very hot summer day. They're my blessing, my joy and i feel so honoured to be their mother, to watch them grow and lead them in the (hopefully) right direction.

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