Friday, January 9, 2009

Dawn of a new day ...

This morning, as i went out to take the 3 older kids at the schoolbus stop i've been amazed by the beauty of the dawn. After several days of rain the air is cold and clean and this makes for incredible colours when the sun start rising over the horizon. As soon as i came back home i grabbed my camera and went outside.

Staring such beauty makes me think, and wonder, and be thanksful.

Couple of years ago i started a very personal and intimate walk in my own spirituality and everyday i learn and find something new. The wonders of creation always help me make a little step ahead in my research. They teach me to be humble and keep an open heart. To have 'eyes of wonder' as a young child, always in love with the universe, with every little grain of salt that makes life worth.

Today the beauty of the silent country and far away horizon taught a lesson i need to learn as soon as possible : words are not always needed. I realize i tend to speak too much, always eager to let my opinion strongly out, usually with the best intentions, but still many times my tongue would better rest a bit. Sometime, i realized this morning, i try to be caring, warring for this and that, and instead i probably seem to complitely lack trust in the other person, usuallly my husband ... food fot thought .... here my dawn :)

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