Monday, January 19, 2009

The woodstove

Finally i can find some time to write. Today is my 33rd birthday and i'm making myself half an hour free as gift :)
Last week we had a much welcomed purchase, a woodstove !! On tuesday papaF bought it on sale and since then, we didn't need the central heating anymore or the warm water to wash dishes. It's a real blessing and i'm so happy we finally have a decent temperature inside :)
Here some pics of its arrival and first start.

Here it is in all its beauty !

Heheheh kids were quite happy and excited, they were always complaining about the cold, and they love fire :)

Kids helping papaF moving furniture to make room for the woodstove

Seba fixing the back of a cabinet

Seba collecting wood from the basement to start the first fire

After all the hard work, Seba had the honour to start himself the stove for the first time

The first fire !!

Adding wood, all the kids were in absolute awe of the stove, and still are ! I can't believe how well it works and i find myself wondering if all this so called progress and the reckless run to reach the newest and the fastest and the most expensive is just a trap we fell in ....

Pop-Corn for everybody !

Help yourself :)

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