Saturday, January 3, 2009

First day of a new year - 1\1\2009

So the new year is here. This year, actually in a couple of week i'll turn 33. Milla will be 5 in a couple of months, Gaia 9 ( N.I.N.E. !!!!!!! ) in 3 months, and by the middle of the year Leo and Seba will turn 7. New year's resolutions ? well a couple of them. Losing weight ;P ... be more gentle, accepting with a merry heart what might come my way, since anger and despair won't bring me or my family in any good place, be kind and loving with my family and friends ... we'll see ... keep an humble heart, i'm not better then anybody else.
Anyways, we decided that for the first lunch of the year we could make our little Leo happy, he's been asking to buy an whole chicken for weeks, actually crying for it in supermarket ( yes kids usually cry for toys, he's been crying for a chicken .... ) but i always declined, being doughter of frozen food i did a lot in the cooking field, i can cook and can almost everything by now, not always in the best way but still, eatable, so to say, but an whole chicken .... but well, we decided we could give it a try. Leo of course prepared it, i only had to put in the oven and out of it.
And you know what ? It was delicious, easy to make and much cheaper then portioned chicken ... Thanks Leo for teaching us something new !

Yummy !

From the little cook-boy !


Anonymous said...

i can taste the chicken!!!


MamaF said...

When we finally meet again we'll let Leo cook one just for you ! :)