Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday recital

To end the day Gaia Seba and Milla organized for us and Grandparents visiting a recital in the living room. Our faithful sofa was the stage and i was the sound tech :)

Gaia is busy organizing the chairs situation and styling Milla and Seba's hair

Seba is ready to start
Gaia is ready as well

Milla is ready

Jump ! They were singing a song from their uncle Massimo cd ( La vita è qui ) and during his guitar solo they had to jump all together ( If you want to listen to him you can visit him in My Space )

The recital started, Gaia and Seba are knights, discussing about the their king

Knight Milla joined the company, they decided to smoke a cigarette ( it's a chocolate one of course, and still i found it kinda disturbing, but well ... )

Singing another song, waving hands

Final bow ( really professional ).....

.... and final fight ( very ..mmm .. usual .. eheheheh )

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