Saturday, January 3, 2009

The last night of the year - 31\12\08

So the last day of 2008 was a quite usual one. Went grocery shopping for dinner and following day, even found an amazing good offer on artichokes and bought 15 of them

We ate 5 in the next meals and the other 10 have been boiled and frozen right away for further use. Anyways, beside sales on artichokes the day went on, with cooking and playing board games of any sort when we realized it was getting dark already, for the last time this year the sun was settling down the line of the horizon in this part of the world, and a clear sky ( unusual in this season of heavy rains ) was what we've been gifted with to say goodbye to another year.

I love so much the view of this dead tree at the sunset. It was especially beautiful that plane passing by, like a shooting star, showing us the way to this new year.
Let's go back inside now. The table is set, the dinner is ready, will my beloved ones enjoy it ?

After dinner we basically waited for the midnight reading books, playing board games and napping on the sofa when finally it was time to head out again and witness the little humans celebrating for ones something they can't simply buy, the miracle of life going on, of time passing
by, of kids growing older, of a new year full of surprises ...



to everybody !!!!

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