Monday, January 5, 2009

Treasure Hunt

The other day me and PapaF decided to organize a funny indoor activity for the kids, a treasure hunt all over the house with abig treasure to be found.
I took near a couple of hours to write all the rhyming riddles and finding the right places to hid them and the treasure, but after the effort it came out fun and nice.
Of course pirates go hunting treasures so first of all they all had to turn in pirates !




Are you scared !?!

I'm Milla the Terrible !!

First Riddle

Let's discuss, it's a team game ...

Another riddle found !

Gaia reading it out loud once again, to find the solution ...

Let me think ..... you keep reading it please ....

The map !

Let's follow it !

Trying to have a guess on the last riddle written on the map itself...

In the cave looking for the treasure, it must be here somewhere.....

Here's the treausure !!!!!


Anonymous said...

You need to tell Milla I got so scared I needed to hide behind the sofa :)


MamaF said...

Ahahahah ! I'll tell Milla the terrible ! :)