Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day

A Mother's Day Tribute
Mother's Day Poem by a Homeschooling Father

Your back and your head ache at days end.
And you wonder in silence if there exists just one friend.
One you can talk to who doesn't need a drink,or need his mouth wiped or help up to the sink.
And try as you might, sometimes you feel smalland doubt your self-worth, or if it's worth it at all.
For if you have a career, in society’s eyes,you've come a long way, and have proved yourself wise.
But for the mother at home, she thinks less of herself,for instead of a pedestal, we place her up on the shelf.And for task done in the office a woman receives praisebut what glory do we give mothers for the children they raise?
So for the mother of my children and others I knowa bit of a tribute and gratitude to show.
I know they're not much, these words that you read
But I do know that moms are what children need
So look at those children as they spill once again,as they fight over toys and bring you to your wits end.For the day will arrive when childhood is no more
And your shoes won't be sticking to juice on the floor.
And twenty-nine times you won't have to repeat,"pick up that sock" (unless your husband is like me).And while your task as a mother may seem to be through,your children, as grown-ups, are still children to you.
And Diamonds and gold are little to payfor what a mother goes through with her children each day.
For her payment isn't seen by the money she earns
But by the adults that she's grown and the love they return.
by Matthew Moran
Trovata in rete, penso sia bellissima .Nel giorno della festa dedicata a noi mamme, regalo un pensiero ai miei bimbi. Sono loro a fare di me una madre, loro andrebbero festeggiati :) E' loro che voglio ringraziare oggi, per perdonare il mio procedere per prove ed errori, per volermi bene, anche quando mi arrabbio e pretendo troppo da loro, scordandomi come è vedere il mondo con gli occhi di un bambino.Perchè nonostante, soprattutto in questo periodo, mi vedano troppo spesso scoraggiata e piangente, loro continuano ad amare la vita ed a correre incontro ad essa a braccia aperte.Perche in ogni momento di ogni giorno mi ricordano della fortuna che ho avuto, di essere scelta da loro per diventare madre.

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