Saturday, July 17, 2010

Memories - Spring celebration day ( Kesapaiva )

In the nearby play park, on 19th of may there was this 'celebration of spring'. There were games for the kids, a local group of boy-scouts showing their tents and gears, but most of all, a firetruck !!! What else a kid could ask for ?....

Seba driving

Leo driving

Milla driving

Gaia driving

The colourful truck

Playing in the sandbox

.... so what else a kid could ask for ?

.... Baby ants of course :))))

(yep, my kids are always the same, no matter where we live lol )

Today I feel so blue.
 I've been deluded by so many people.
 Left out.
I know I'm not really alone.
 And of course I know I've been blessed beyond I could hope for.
But still reality checks have always some painful brutality in them.
There's this dull aching, echoing inside you.
I never thought I would have ever said so.
 But I'm really happy to leave this place and go on with my journey, along with the people most important for me.
My husband and children.
And Jesus in my heart.


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