Friday, July 9, 2010

Travemunde - A diary of our journey ( part seven )

Time went by so fast, and here i am, just a couple of weeks away before leaving again, to write down one of the last moment of the journey that brought us here. It was the 26th of april when we arrived in Travemunde, on the Baltic Sea. After having days and days of warm and summerish weather the cold of the Baltic area hit us. We've been in that same hotel on november of 2007 when we travelled back to Italy from Finland, so it was nice to find familiar places and have fun remembering and making new sweet memories. Let's pictures do the talking now.

Can you tell, we loved this huge 'mills'

The corridor of the hotel, just like a ship, isn't it ?

What's so interesting in the elevator ?

Two old friends, still sitting there heheheh

Here we are Baltic Sea, quite different from our Mediterranean sea ....


On the top of the world :)

A fun way to enjoy the sea

We also had the pleasure to visit the old lighthouse of Travemunde, so interesting.

And then we enjoyed a dinner in the Tex-Mex restaurant by the sea

And here the next morning, just before leaving for Warnemunde where we should have taken the ship to arrive in Finland. Some fun playing in the hotel playpark while PapaF was minding the hotel bill.
(Isn't it great to enjoy the kids fun while someone else takes care of the burocratic side of life ? Thank you PapaF ! )

Bye Bye Germany !!

Have a peaceful, happy weekend
my dear friends


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Beautiful photos of your cute family!