Monday, July 19, 2010

Memories - Steamrail adventure

On june the 19th Leo could enjoy the present he longed more for his birthday. One of his dream coming true. Being the lovely oldfashioned boy he is, he wanted so badly to have a ride in a steam train. It seemed hardly possible, instead we found out in this small ancient and lovely town few km away from Helsinki ( Porvoo ) for the month of june, every saturday and sunday the ancient steam train twice a day made a 4 hours trip ( back and forth ) to a nearby town. For the occasion we all dressed in an oldfashion way to match as much as possible with the beautiful train. We must have succeded since we've been asked permission to have pictures taken of the kids on the train. Maybe they thought we were stuck there in a time loop since the train was in use back in the time lol.

Kids dresses are ready to be weared since the night before

Here we are !
We made it hardly in time to get on board, so no pics of the train before departure.

Exploring the train

A little snack at the cafeteria on board

When we arrived in Kerava, the only stop, the Engine was detached from the train and it was connected on the other side to go back. It took a while so PapaF had the time to take some pic.


So when we left we were just behind the engine, when we came back we were at the end of train. This was the view. Lovely countryside.

When we arrived back in Porvoo the kids were allowed to climb over the engine

As a young lady Gaia felt it was better not to climb :)


Old tools

You see the matching vintage aprons we are wearing ? They're lovely

A dream come true.
A blessed day.


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