Saturday, July 17, 2010

Memories - Seurasaari ( or the squirrel island as we call it )

On 4th june we went  to one of our favourite places here in Helsinki, the open air museum of Seurasaari. This is a beautiful island, connected to the land with a bridge. On this island you will find all the different kind of buildings,churches and farmhouses brought here from all over Finland ( yes it's wild ! everything was unbuilt and then re-built on the island ) along with a gorgeous nature. It's really a little peace of Heaven.

This is a small side bridge, floating over the water of the bay. I was too afraid to walk it with the kids ( there's no fence as you can see ) but this bring to a smaller island where a group of people lives and work in a medieval-like village.

This is the main bridge. Isn't it beautiful.

Squirrels are so friendly over there. We always bring with us nuts to make friends with them little creatures.

They grab a peanut and then climb back over a tree. Then hanging up-side-down they eat it.

One of the ancient wood-houses

A farm house


A little village

A church-boat. Back in the days there weren't many roads here in Finland, but there always been rivers and lakes. So there were these church boats to bring an whole village to church on Sunday.

Another wood-house

Gaia went buying coffee for us. In Finnish ! I'm so amazed how easily the started using the few words they know. Not that being homeschooled made them especially shy lol. Or unable to socialize ;)

Milla's beautiful hair

Local lolly-pops, 'oldfashionedly' made

She still can use the clothes I sewed for her last year. That's good since this year I didn't have the time ( or the sewing machine available ) to sew new ones.

A beautiful old wooden mill

The little thing looked so old. And this made him ( her ? ) even more precious isn't it ?

Beautiful !!
 I so much hope one day to have one myself.
 It's one of my dreams :)



Pom Pom said...

Hi Flavia! I enjoyed these photographs very much!
The wooden houses are fascinating. Thank you for sharing!
When will you have your sewing machine again?
Of course, I always love the pictures of the happy children!

MamaF said...

Oh Pom Pom, who knows ? :) I miss sewing so much, I think I'll start to hand-sew :) Fortunately I keep myself busy with knit and crotchet . I can't wait to start the tea set ! I think once in Italy I'll give it try :)