Saturday, July 10, 2010

Warnemunde - A diary of our journey ( part eight - the arrival )

So here we are at the end of the journey that brought us here, in Finland. On the morning of 27 of april we left for Warnemunde. After visiting the sourroundings all day long, in the evening we went to harbour and placed ourselves in queue to get on board. It has been a very long wait. We got into the ship only around 22:00 and but we left the harbour only around 3 or 4 in the night, so while we were fully asleep. It has been such a weird feeling going to sleep watching the lights of the harbour and waking up in the middle of the sea, where sky and water and clouds are all of the same colour, and there silence and calm. We only arrived in Finland the morning of 29, so we spent on board 2 nights and a full day. We even had this lunch at the restaurant and we all had fun wearing fancy 'navy' dresses and behave like oldfashioned travellers. Everybody stared at us and smiled at the kids :). Memories.Sweet priceless memories we will cherish forever.

The harbour of Warnemunde, in the early evening

Enjoying an ice-cream and the sun

Time goes by, the moon says 'hello'

Finally !

One of our cabins

Milla and Leo ready for lunch...


beautiful sisters

my foursome

Seba and Gaia
the four of them


Now this gave some spice to the trip. In the afternoon some water started licking in the corridor where our cabins were. Being in the middle of the Baltic Sea, this could be a bad sign isn't it ?

The morning of 29. Here we are.


 Today we had our last day to the flea market.Unfortunately I forgot the camera for the two weeks we've been there, so no pics . Tomorrow it's our 12th wedding anniversary.
Such a great exciting journey so far. We have been so so very blessed. We could grow and learn together. We had the priviledge to rise four precious children. Love them. Love each other. Living in love.
Have a wonderful and blessed sunday.

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Pom Pom said...

Oh, you are all so good! That picture of the sea is incredible. Thinking of you!