Monday, April 6, 2009


Couple of comments left from friends made me realize people could be worried for us around the world. Luckily we're safe, our area suffered no damage at all even if we've been told from my mother in law that tonight the earthquake arrived here and many people run out in the streets.
We were all sound asleep and not even woke up.
The situation in Abruzzo is terrible. About 50 people died, many injuried, thoused and thoused people homeless. My heart cries for them. I used to know more then someone from that area and even if i'm not in touch anymore with those people now i find myself wondering about them.
I really hope that everybody bumping in this post might send their preyers, thoughts, vibes for the poor people who is suffering.
We're so little, so powerless beings in this universe, we should really let only love rule our lifes and our relationships with the others. Life can be way short and way bitter, and this is the only receipt i can find to keep a merry heart : love.

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Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear you're all ok.