Thursday, April 2, 2009

A day at the beach

Today the children has been home from school, yesterday we celebrated Gaia so no time for homework or whatsoever and we all needed some extra rest after the special day. The weather after many days of rain ( not a big surprise this year ) was really beautiful, so we decided for a pic-nic on the beach with the leftover sandwiches.The first time to the beach for this year 2009. It has been wonderful. The beach was all for us. Nobody was there, in 3 hours or more we've been there, only 2 or 3 people walked by and the kids could play and look for seashells and run and scream and get dirty and messy just the way i love them :)I could just seat on the sand and knit or chat with PapaF. A truly relaxing day.

The beach, all for us

Running wild :)

Kicking the waves

We're a bit dirty ....

... Better wash our hands !

Milla needs to show something to PapaF

Building a fort ( or something like that )

My beautiful girl

Building ... what ?!?

A barbeque mom !

Smiling baby :)

Circus time !

Monkey business !

Now this is something extremely rare, a picture of me and PapaF together :)

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