Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Gaia Bella !

My sweet beautiful stubborn smart funny girl today turns 9. Nine. NINE ! I can't beilieve it. Nine years ago she was a tiny 2 hours old in her young mother's arms. I was a 24 years old new mother, amazed by this tiny miracle came out after 14 hours of labour. I can still remember the feeling, when she's been put on my breast, of pure amazement : Did really this new life, this brand new human being really come out from me, from my body ... My first child was born, but a new mother was born as well, the most precious gift i've been given. I consider myself so so lucky, being able to be a mother. Thanks God, really.
This morning i woke her up and gave her the first two gift ( hello Kitty armwatch and a Hello Kitty t-shirt ) then the kids went to school and i baked and made sanwiches and cleaned and organized a treasure hunt. Actually i started preparing the paper a couple of days ago, but then a nasty strep infection with very high fever stopped me badly. Then when they came back i gave her a pair of pink shoes and at 16:30 her friends arrived ( 10 kids ).
It has been a really nice party. Everybody was having fun, this period usually kids only have 'plastic parties' ( as we call them ) in McDonald's or similar, with someone shouting at them when to eat when to play when to open gift ( i hate those kind of parties ! )so today must have been really special for all of them, a good old birthday party, with a funny treasure hunt and them just time to play together at their pace and time.
Anyways, Gaid told me when i put her in bed that ' This has been the most beautiful birthday i've ever had ' and she made my day , oh well my day, my month, my whole year, she filled me with joy and love.

Gaia, my sweet child, i love you so so much

Our birthday girl, with her pink Hello Kitty shirt and pink shoes ( not so happy of mommy's camera :) )

Party Room (aka the living room)

Treasure Hunt, the paper has been darkened with tea and burned on the edges.

Fairies' door

Fairies' treasure

Aslan's door ( for my love of Narnia Chronicles )

Aslan's treasure

Hello Kitty cake (yes Gaia loves Hello Kitty )

Gaia blowing candles and turning officially 9 !!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Bday, Gaia!

Troy, Monkey (smokie) from Andy's board.

MamaF said...

Thank you Troy !
Love, MamaF

Anonymous said...

Gas, hope you and the gang are ok after the earthquake. Did you feel the tremors at all?

Anonymous said...

Gas, hope you and the gang are ok after the earthquake. Did you feel the tremors at all?